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Formed in California during the late 1980's, Electrathon America is a relatively low-cost Electric Vehicle (EV) design competition. With minimal constraints, participants have enourmous oppotunities to creatively apply the most current technology and learning styles in a team environment. 

Competitors learn to design and build a highly efficient electric vehicle they can drive, with limited energy capacity. Each vehicle must pass a local inspection to compete. Competitions are held on various closed-loop courses and run for a one hour duration race. All events must be approved (sanctioned) by Electrathon America to insure consistency and compliance.

All applicable Vehicle Design Rules and Event Rules are captured and communicated through HANDBOOK (available on-line and in print form) which includes Design Tips to expedite learning for competitors, and event hosts. 

Electrathon America is is lead by a dedicated team of volunteer board of directors located from East coast to West coast. In addition, the organizations officers and contracted resources collect modest compensation in return for all they do to supprt the organization and it's members. Our team is focussed on representing the needs and expectations of active registered members, and generous sponsors. 

The organization is funded through a modist membership fee, and sponsor contributions. Elctrathon America Foundation is a separate 501c3 entity offering a tax deductable way for individuals and companies to contribute to the educational success of Electrathon America student teams and events. Appreciation for donations may be expressed through web, newsletter and event advertising and campaigns. 

Note that donations are generally not applied to the less needy "open class" competitors such as Adult and Corporate teams. 
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