From a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our board of directors and officers collaborate to provide strategic and operational leadership for members and the mission of Electrathon America.

Update tregarding organziational changes in early 2020:

Electrathon America President (Kirk Swaney) submitted his resignation on good terms and will stay-on as a Board Member to ensure a smooth transition to his successor, Gary Krypstopzick. Gary was nominated and voted-in by the board of directors.

Applicable Bylaws of Electrathon America:

  • ARTICLE V. Officers Chairperson and staff, section 4, Officers 

  • ARTICLE V. Officers Chairperson and Staff, section 4, Vacancies


The EA Board of Directors nominated and voted-in Bob Franz to fill the board member role vacated by Don Morgan's resignation, who also left on good terms.

Applicable Bylaw of Electrathon America:

  • ARTICLE IV. Board of Directors, section 8,  Filling Vacancies.


Furthermore, Mr. Morgan held the Vice President role. The Board is is seeking qualified candidates.


Electrathon America is on track to hold a membership vote in the 4th quarter of this calendar year, consistent with Bylaws of Electrathon America ARTICLE III. Voting Members, section 12,  Annual Voting Membership Meeting.

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