We inspire interest in Science, Engineering, and Technology by involving participants in the design, construction, testing, and development of competitive electric vehicles.

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To minimize cost to participants, donations to Electrathon Foundation are distributed in the form of scholarships, grants, strategic events and more.



Events are pre-approved (sanctioned) in advance by Electrathon America to assure consistency across all regions.

On arrival, teams check-in at the registration table then goes through a vehicle safety and technical inspection.  Team drivers attend a safety and track briefing while the rest of the team stages their electric car on the starting grid.
The vehicle design rules allow each car to be limited to approximately 1000 Watt-hours of maximum fuel in the form of electricity. That's about 12 cents of electricity. It comes from any chemical battery, solid-state battery or super capacitors deemed safe by the rules and event host.
The green flag is waived, and the race begins. It's a competition of how efficiently a car and driver can travel with unpredictable traffic, road course and reliability challenges. It involves many areas of focus during design and fabrication, to minimize mechanical drag from its drive system, aerodynamics and rolling resistance. Electrical efficiency and driving efficiency are also important factors. Some teams use telemetry with GPS and automation, while others run without any instrumentation. Team crews wait prepared to respond to a flat tire, or other break-down possibilities over the 60-minute race. 

One hour later the checkered flag is waived and the team car that traveled the farthest wins. Events usually conclude with an awards ceremony, acknowledgements and next event plans.



Due to the high drag induced by small courses with tight corners, these cars may only average 15mph to 20mph. While on large speedways with wide sweeping corners, well-designed cars can average low highway speeds. The highest average speed (for 60 minutes) attained by a qualifying Electrathon America vehicle was recorded on a very efficient 3-mile tri-oval, at 62.1mph.


Electrathon America is partly funded through a modest membership fee of $30 for the first team vehicle, and $15 for each vehicle thereafter of the same team. Event entry fees range from free and up, averaging around $25.00 per car.


The cost of vehicle parts & materials varies widely because we don't tell members what to buy. Things like frame material, system voltage, motor type, battery, etc. are up to the designer. Typical vehicle costs from new parts will likely fall between $2000 (scratch built) and $5000 (a kit). Building from used parts can save a bundle. We also offer a resources page that lists companies and products to help get started.


  1. Whether you're a solo builder or forming a team, start designing your car(s) according to the vehicle design rules in the latest copy of the Electrathon America HANDBOOK.

  2. Complete the Membership Application and send it to Electrathon America.

  3. Start racing!

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  3. On event day, run the event according to the Event/Host rules section of the Electrathon America Handbook.

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Electrathon America was first formed in California during the late 1980s as an Electric Vehicle platform to educate through hands-on design, fabrication and competition. 


Our registered membership includes youth and adult competitors including high schools, universities, corporate teams, and individuals.

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Our organization is a nonprofit guided by a volunteer board of directors and officers. We are teachers, business owners, and professionals who are passionate about learning.