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Please read the rulebook, the information below and insurance information prior to sending the sanctioning or insurance form.

Get Sanctioned as soon as possible
There is no sanctioning fee!
We are trying to make it easier to hold an event.

Event organizers still need to print, sign, and mail in the EA Sanctioned Race Form.pdf. To get your race on the calendar. Make sure all the required fields are filled in.

Anyone can hold an Electrathon America event, there is some work involved but we think that you will find it a rewarding experience.

Find a track: Electrathons are held nationwide on many styles and designs of tracks. You can use parking lots, city streets, velodomes, parking garages, go cart tracks or speedways. Track diversity is one of the things that make Electrathons so fun! There are things that you will need to keep in mind as you make your track selection. If you are planning on holding a race in a new area, it is best to start out on a less than grand scale. There are areas that are excited if they get 10 cars signed up, while other areas commonly anticipate 30 to 50 cars per race! If Electrathons are new to your area plan on a smaller scale, then work up from there. Parking lots at large businesses, schools or churches are often vacant on weekends, talk to the property owner about the possibility of running a race. Many community oriented business will be glad to allow the use of their lot, it can be a very positive way to provide advertisement for them. You can rent a go cart track or speedway. If you go this rout make sure that you have a sponsor to help with the expenses.

Find contestants: Many areas have numerous racers looking for races to compete in. Some areas of the country have no participation at all. Electrathon America is often asked why there are no races in various states, it is up to everyone to help here. Start talking to others you know about the sport, you likely will find that there are many people who would like to compete but have no place to run a car if they did build it.

Find funds: It cost $475 for the first day and $200 for additional days to insure sanctioned Electrathon America races/events. It can cost over $5000 for an all out speedway event. You may need to get sponsors to help with the costs. Most races have an entry fee of approximately $25 per car, this can be more or less though. The goal here is to cover as many of the expenses as possible and what is left over at the end will be paid out in lap money. No one is getting financially rich racing Electrathons, but there are riches other than money. Many of the high school competitors may go on to be designers or engineers. This is a great program to start kids in that direction. Electrathons can be a positive parent/child program. It can provide a venue for adults to pass on their skills to their children, to a youth group or to volunteer at a school.

Obtain (sufficient) insurance: This is a must to have an Electrathon America sanctioned race. While there has never been a serious injury in an Electrathon America race, it is always a possibility. No one needs to have the fear of financial ruin hanging over their head while trying to do a good thing, in our society, you must have insurance. Electrathon America has a liability policy that will cover you in the event of injury. The cost is reasonable, $475 for a one day race, subsequent days are less. You possibly might be covered by your school, this seems to vary state to state and even district to district. Look into it, but please verify it. Electrathon America will not sanction an uninsured race. If you use the insurance that is available through EA, please submit your forms to EA directly the sanctioning process will go more quickly if you do.

(You do not have to get the insurance through EA)

For those holding events, forms must be received by Electrathon America at least 30 days prior to the event. Please do not send insurance directly to the insurance broker doing so may actually slow down the sanctioning process. 

Electrathon America would like to remind all Electrathon Groups that we currently have an insurance policy that will cover liability for an event. It is reasonably priced and insurance is mandatory if you are running an EA event. You are not required to use our policy, but the policy that we have is hard to beat price wise. 

Are you excited? Here are forms to help in your race preparation. Please, Even though the insurance form says to submit it two weeks before your event, Please make sure that Electrathon America gets your completed forms at least 30 days prior to your event! Do not send your insurance form to the insurance broker. Send it to EA who will forward it to the broker.

For the sanctioning form, please save or print the form and then click the "submit" button at the bottom of the form. You still have to Sign the form agreeing to abide by EA rules and Have the minimum required insurance.

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