The following are sources of information, supplies and parts useful to Electrathon Builders. This is by no means a complete list, rather a starting point for your own sources of parts and information. 

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Blue Sky Design

Seller of the Aerocoupe racer kit, the most popular Electrathon design in the country as well as vehicle parts for do it yourself projects.

Cloud Electric Vehicles

Winningest Electrathon team ever, holder of the Guinness book of world records for Electric Boats and Several Class records of Electric Dragsters.  

SHIFT Electric Vehicles (acquired DESTINY)

For Parts, Tips, Training & more, visit  or call (541)760-1895

PO’s to or fax (815) 550-1168


Electric Auto Association

The EAA is a 38 year old non-profit educational organization with Special Interest Groups (SIG) for Plug-In Hybrids

Electric Motorsports

We have supplied educational institutions electric drive systems since 2001.  We also offer a 5% educational discount.

Electric Vehicles of America Inc

Enigma Industries

Drive train development software for electric vehicles, and sells a few high efficiency motors.


EV Parts Inc

World's largest online selection of electric vehicle parts. Roderick Wilde, President and World Record holder of quickest street electric. Discounts to Schools.   EV Parts, Inc


Human Powered Vehicles:  A good source of aerodynamic design principals

KTA Services Inc

19 years in the EV business. Worlds largest supplier of Electrathon kits, components and drive systems. More sales than all other Electrathon suppliers combined.  Discounts to schools.  Purchase orders accepted.

NuGen Mobility, Inc

We are a manufacturer of motors and control electronics for electric vehicles.


Mailing Address:  PENTAD, P.O. Box 1722, Thousand Oaks, CA 91358

Phone:  805-492-5858 - M-F 9am - 6pm PST


C. Milton Wright High School Team

Electrathon America